Excellent Walaza

Phumudzo Manenzhe

Rudzani Ramudzuli

Gert Schalkwyk

What happened to these players? where are they?

Please feel free to add more...

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Gert is chilling on my bbm hehehehehehe

Excelent Walaza- Busy stealing cars in Soweto.

Phumodzo Manenzhe- Busy charming young ladies Venda ( hands off my Judith)

Rudzani Ramudzuli- He is training for Musangwe he want to beat the hell out of Chief Thidiela

Gert Schalwyk- Nini's pimp!!!

Judith moved back to Venda; just to be with him hehehehehe

Do you want me to kill that Manenzhe freak nx!!!!

Hahaha Guru I thought Walaza was doing work for Somizi Hair Salon. The last time I checked he is a hair-stylist doing S-Curl & Cut for the likes of Lotto-man Nimrod

Lotto man's hairstylist??hahahahahaha

The strangest thing is that all these players played for Pirates

heheheh now you know why i say Selle is a bhakaniya

Ninii; you know gold and black runs through my veins

and how is that so strange if i may ask?

Ntwana stop being so dramatic, don't you find it strange that Selle used all ex Pirates players? This can prove that Selle is a Pirates in a closet as Ninii claims or Selle started the post to attack Pirates

Hehehehee how am i dramatic by merely asking a simple question...oska phapha wena sani...i could easily asked where is Thembinkosi Biyela,Patrick Mbuthu,The evergreen Steven Ncanana or Touch Mabaso...would that make me a Chiefs supporter? nx!!!!


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