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Today marks the anniversary for Charles Dempsey's decision

The day was Thursday, 6 July, 2000, when the world was eagerly waiting for the announcement of the 2006 FIFA World Cup host. It was a neck-to-neck contest between Germany and African continent as a whole which was represented by South Africa. Africa had been waiting to host the world's biggest sporting event for the first time since its inauguration in 1930. Little did Africa know that its destiny was heavily dependent on one man name Charles Dempsey.

One can only try to imagine what was going on in Mr Dempsey's mind few minutes to the voting station. Dempsey, as the 24th member of the 24 voters was standing over there watching as 12 voters went for Germany and 11 voters went for Africa. It was Dempsey's turn to do as instructed by his association to cast that twelfth vote for Africa. Not many would explain why Charles Dempsey decided to pull such a despicable stunt. Not many will explain why Mr Dempsey decided not to vote... Germany was announced the host country for 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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