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Seeing Pirates' quest beyond just a club's quest

Let me address this big elephant in the room. I am noticing a growing trend of confusion about SA soccer supporters comparing themselves to European soccer supporters regarding the support of a team other than theirs playing in continental competition.

Some even ask, have you ever seen Real Madrid fans supporting Barcelona playing in the Champions League against a team outside Spain or vice-versa? My fellow countrymen, whilst it might seem good to compare yourselves to European countries, please ensure you understand the dynamics of such countries before you can even begin the comparison.

I mean it is a well-known fact that Catalonia, the region where Barcelona is based, is fighting for independence from Spain and it is not something that started recently. That should tell you something about their rivalry with Madrid. In addition, many European countries are using one currency, EURO and travelling from one country to another can be easily achieved by a train just to show how small and united Europe is. In an actual fact, Africa is bigger than China, India, Europe, and the USA. COMBINED.

Now back to the topic, it is an open secret that South Africa is a unique country. From 1994 this country has been built on the foundation of a rainbow nation, a united multiracial or multicultural country hence we are one unique country that managed to put together a structure called National Interfaith Council where people from all religious sectors in the country (Christians, Jews, Islam, Hindu, Sangomas, etc…) come together to embrace the principle of inclusivity, religious tolerance and co-operation.

We are South Africans and we have the spirit of Ubuntu which makes us stand out from the rest of the world. We are capable of breaking boundaries which were never put by us. We are capable of doing the unimaginable like laughing at our own hardships. We are capable of saving the lives of our own enemies. We have the ability of seeing things beyond the naked eye. We can and we are supporting Orlando Pirates in its quest to bring glory into the country, for we see this mission as not just a one club’s mission but a mission of the nation.

I close by quoting the preacher of PATRIOTISM Mr Ephraim Shakes Mashaba: "When Orlando Pirates went to snatch the star (in 1995) we won the AFCON the following year. So it is clear that we need our clubs to stand up and be counted in Africa" 

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Comment by Ice Rink King aka Top Chef on December 2, 2015 at 13:24

lol lol I thought you said you will only support Pirates if Zuma wears a red overall from EFF 

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