We have seen him come, and we have seen him go but we never imagined seeing him coming back again. My heart endures great pain as I write of this exceptionally talented individual from Daveyton, South Africa. Every time when I watch the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Bale play, my mind can't stop telling me "it could have been our Jabu Pule Mahlangu playing there". Only if this lad got proper guidance, only if he did not choose booze over that magnificent talent, only if....

I am one of the people who never dwell in the past but when it comes to talent of this lad I break my own principles. This lad owe the nation a lot. This lad broke the heart of the nation. As he returns to professional football, I know age is no longer on his side however, I somehow have little faith that he will make up for his mistakes and I thank SuperSport FC for giving the nation a chance to see him one more time 

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