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Dear Sir Bobby Motaung,

I hope you have learnt a lesson this season. Let this season be the last you crossed the borders on your money saving schemes and missions. As a manager of a big team like Chiefs, you should know that there is no such a thing as saving cost by buying cheap players for a big team. The money you thought you saved on cheap players will always be spend on paying fines at the PSL for fans' misbehavior. You may do the calculations on the money you paid thus far at the PSL’s DC VS the money you did not spend in the transfer market.

Please make no mistake, I do not condone fans’ bad behavior but simply stating reality. We live in a real South Africa where people set trains on fire because trains arrive late. The sooner we accept the reality that sense is not common to all of us, the better. When you mentioned in the beginning of the season that the league is a priority for Chiefs, you raised the hopes of many but to those whom sense is always common, we knew that was a mission impossible by simply looking at the players you had in the camp.

We might not know the actual reason why VV’s contract ended prematurely but from where we are sitting we saw he was always a frustrated man on the touchline. Again common sense tells some of us that if an achiever works with incompetent staff, there is no way the achiever will never  be frustrated. You may get a better coach, but if you give the coach incompetent players, the poor coach will crack the same way VV cracked.

If for some reason you forget what I said in this letter, at least remember these words “For Chiefs to win Big, Chiefs must spend Big”. And by 'spend Big' I mean on player transfer-market and not on PSL’s DC.

Yours truly,   Broke Fan

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