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Ayanda Lubelo, has SA been blessed with another Scara?

Dribbling Wizards, we have seen them come, we have seen them go. But if there's one wizard who left a mark in the current decade (2002-2012) it has to be one man nicknamed 'Black Jesus' Emmanuel Scara Ngobese. I am tempted to say we are yet to see his peer since his tragic departure.

Recently there is a boy who's been doing his duties for the under 20s in 2011. I thought then it was too early to tell whether or not his name Ayanda Lubelo should be mentioned in the same sentence as the great wizards' names like Doctor 16V Khumalo, Tebogo Moloi, Benet Gama, Thabo Mooki, Scara Ngobese, and Mark Manyambela. I have seen the 21 year old Durban-born player doing his magic for University Of Pretoria in the PSL this season.

He can take on defenders at ease. He can make the ball dance to his own tune. Only Scara Ngobese could do those kind of things to the ball. I am not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but I bet I have seen Ayanda Lubelo doing similar stuff. Can someone tell me I am not imagining things? Can someone tell me we have been blessed with another great talent? Can someone tell me we have the new Scara Ngobese in SA?

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