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Hahahaha they are still drunk in Love.....Carling Black Label was too strong for their handling, hence Ajax saw the opportunity to exploit their weakness. 

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LMAO the Ghost in the middle.....

hahahahaha so they are on Vodacom?

Carling Black Label after effects

our resident doc admitted himself to the nearest hospital lol lol

hahahaha remember he is a traditional doctor from West Africa. He might have admitted himself at his own hut at the back of his house

Ma penga! Bucs has always been at the forefront of the African people's struggle - it would be absurd to accept R8 million from a bourgeoise company that refused to listen to workers demands for more than five months
PS We are keeping an eye on Telkom's intention to retrench thousands ....

hahahaha *hint, Hint* Pirates might also lose Telkom

Load-shedding, they are afraid of the dark like Black Coffee song says.


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