Oh my, ohh my...

This weekend was epic..

Zulucoco, came out of the closet, showing off with his makeup comparing notes with Kali at the breakfast table. Am sure someone took a pic when he was putting on his lipstick, please post those pics here.

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Hehehehehehehehehe i die,you lot need to move with the times,i cant be smearing blue seal on my lips in 2014....nah man...

Hahahahahahahahaha....Why do you show primary interest when man and man engage in man-management?

hehehehehe so it is called man management in your circles? so you guys have moved on with times hehehe aaaiy mandithule andingeni ndawo kakade, i was just giving updates to those who were not there.

eish, mara Kali is spending most of his time at the gym; he looks like the rock now; Scary!!!

so Zulucoco was feeling Boko Haram's muscles.......

Hehehehehe Stonza mfana,you dissappointing that decent lady who is your wife,you cant be using zambuk and blue seal boy..i will buy you labello boy...stick around i will take you places...

This boy still uses Zambuk? Hehehehe

hahahaha *no comment* hahahaha

Do you really need to start a new topic about the Bloem event wena sani? mxxxm

Unomona sani that you missed out? hehehehe

Hehehe Zulu Coco and Boko Harram sharing make up tips!!!!!

Coming out of the closet heheheh


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