And here is proof that soon we will be back to familiar terittory:

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hahahah Pitso must sort out his attitude first but seeing that Mphela and Teko are his favorites,i forsee a love triangle

Wonder is going to demote you, how can you say something like that

How can you demote somebody who is in the bottom of the pile Mpho? heheheheehehe

hawu Wonder you have Ntokzin excited out of the blue he is in the bottom kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he will be fuming to know that

Oh no Mpho, i thaught you were talking about Niniza. Ntokzin is a born leader ntwana, you will just have to wait and see. he will never be demoted!!

he will never be demoted as long as you recieve some percentage i can see tenderpreneur post kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavho

You uttered similar words on Neeskens' arrival. The next thing Navy Army had to be dragged out of water to come and protect Neeskens from you...


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