And here is proof that soon we will be back to familiar terittory:

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your familiar territory for breaking gates and chairs i guess.

hahahahahahahaha Dobsonville was the last casualty if my memory serves me well

Hehehehehehe and Chiefs are still yet to rise...avoiding using those words.....

they are busy reclaiming something, I am not sure why they are celebrating already cause nothing has been reclaimed yet... They are just seating on the top of the log standings!! or should i say they are standing,waiting to vacate? tltltlt

Yeah right, watch the rise in arrogance on that bench!

Fafzin, the Rise of the Downtrodden is imminent and can not be postponed any longer, Jingles is here and Downs will be UP!!!!!!!!!

I suppose u will give him the latest NSL Rule book in advance; u wouldn't want  false celebrations, would you?  

hahah that is a killer right there, *dead* hahahahaha

Hardly a week been appointed and already YOU RISING mnaka.... Good luck Mr Mosimane.

Hehehehehehehehhe Mnaka, we have been calling for Pitso or Hristo, we got Pitso and for most of us, we can only see positives coming out of this. but we will soon be climbing the league table. in about 3 games teh difference will be there for all to see!

If he can give Sangweni gametime i would be grateful as for the rest i dont care....Killer a new Downs captain!!!!

he he he he soon we will se the resurrection of Ricardo Katza hehehehehe, safa bawo wam!!!


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