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Guys, it's been over a week since I took oath, by accepting t-shirt and cap, to be part of this family, to uphold it's values, interests and to advance its purpose and so far I am not happy. Just as straight as I am, I will talk straight...this site needs to be buzzing all the time to attract and maintain the interest. Where are you good people, facebook, mXit, tweeter, etc maybe?


We need to give each other reasons to be here and there will be no reason for anyone to be here if no-one is here.

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I beg to differ, they arent colleagues,Thabang! Its like teachers and students or, better still, workers and manager; they are all after the same result and answerable to the stakeholders but colleagues they are not!

What do you mean by protect? You mean they must ignore flaws or defend them in public and throw a boot at them a la Fergie in the dressing room? Smething tells me Fergie wasn't always that way and he can only afford that now that he is succesful and established whereas coaches like RDS and VV face different kinds of pressures and expectations!

When you want to keep the morale of your staff high, that is what youdo, deal with their flaws and mistake in private and not lambast them in public. Also in most times, you must be part of the team not a boss, be a colleague friend and a coach, then you will get your players die for you in the field of play... yes not all of them will like you but at the same time be fair to all of them!! 

But there are other variables, Fergie and Wenger apply that to varying degrees of success; whereas the ManUre lay down their lives for SAF's cause, my beloved Gunners' wimps often do the opposite.

I say be a father figure, not a friend/buddy - give them all the necessary support and love not get down and dirty with them! Draw the line somewhere...

True Fafalaza like Sir Ruud Krol used to do...he was a father figure to them,he never hanged our dirty linen on public,in most interviews he would say 'we' rather than isolating the blame to a certain player....

true, we need to make this forum vibrant!!

This forum will go through a metarmophosis and will get to where it needs to be....we need to give it time

i think and believe that everyone who is here has that vibe and touch in them and thaey have that neccessary experience to make it, so i ldon`t see anything and anything at all that will stop/prevent this site from going places

by just spreading some good word out there and keep it burning as always then half of a job is......done!!


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