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Guys, it's been over a week since I took oath, by accepting t-shirt and cap, to be part of this family, to uphold it's values, interests and to advance its purpose and so far I am not happy. Just as straight as I am, I will talk straight...this site needs to be buzzing all the time to attract and maintain the interest. Where are you good people, facebook, mXit, tweeter, etc maybe?


We need to give each other reasons to be here and there will be no reason for anyone to be here if no-one is here.

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I'm here; lets talk football...

Good, I am here too Selle and I hope I wont end up talking alone.

We are going to make this place to be vibrant, let's keep coming with interesting topics.

I fully concur with you Thabang, and Soze you are right. The main thing that can attract people is our good topics, let's keep them coming. In the mean time I am updating our Facebook Page followers of the good topic you post here. In case you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, here's the link:

Ok, lemme get this straight, Thabang and you Brokey, what is the purpose of this forum?

Is it :

  • To replace TKO?
  • To provide an avenue for humorous take on soccer-related matters?
  • To discuss football semantics in detail?
  • To relieve stress?
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Hahahahahah, this reminds me of one of my exam questions where all options were correct. But no, we not trying to replace TKO or anything.



all of the above except the first....

Ok, then. I think humour is the way to go, but I see the likes of Thabang and Brokey become defensive and hot under the collar whenever Iwisa Kaizer Chiefs is the object of ridicule.

Guys humour is a double-edged sword, take it easy, lets leave the serious thesis to the philosophers!

hehehe Brokey is the last one to take offense when mealie meal guys are ridiculed...

Humour yes i agree but we also need in depth analysis,so we could dissect the below par thinking of coaches and the players....jsut to think of it why RDS dont protect his players in the media..didnt he learnt something for the Dutch aka Ruud Krol? why would he lambast Mbesuma for that equalizer...hayi come on coach!!!!!

coaches are not the same boss, Mancini also lambasted Mario for the loss against UTD>

But it's wrong. Players and coaches are colleagues and should protect one another.


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