Let me take this opportunity and thank Brokefan clown for the wonderful weekend!!! Thanks mate it was epic!!

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Thank you Brokie; we had a blast!!!

thanks brokey it was great :)

May GOD bless Broke more though he uses his JEEP when things are tough....mxm....no fair play...

Thanks guys though I still feel we all made it to be what it turned out to be. I am still in smiles when I remember all activities we had. In Setswana there's a saying "monate wa iketsetswa" Go borega o a batlang... If I were to be asked to change something from that weekend, I would change nothing. I enjoyed every moment.

hehehehe you wouldn't even change this:


Sure mate and at least you and Boko Haram deep kissed and made up!!!!!!
Guys do you still remember that guy who came and asked for icecubes on friday by the parking lot....hehehehehe what a funny character.

That's a funny man.....he took time to shake my hand

I called this clown Broke to check if there is space whilst i Was in Bloem and the clown never picked up. And Stonza is the clown who misled me saying there is no space left, when I see you Stonza i am fighting you mxm.

I wanted to meet the old man Hehehe. 

don't lie, ntokozo begged you to stay and you left... i also left a massage here for you to call brokey, there was space... Old one was not there, he made excuses like you did.

When I see you grass wont grow. I'm fighting you boy.

Swahombe; next year we are going to Eastern Cape. We are telling you in time, no excuses!!!


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