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Looks like real fun was had there. Ice skirts and all!

hahaha lol Skirts lol lol 

There are also real fine ladies - hard to imagine them going to be wearing soccer boots

Cadre when are you joining us. There is another one coming in December 2016. Just reserve your space Cadre

Oooh At last I am able to see 5 minutes appearance fee...Hahahahaha T's&C never change...

hahahaha *dead* were you around when we spoke about that? hahahaha

So how was the drive back?

This day last week we were in PE.. time flies hey!!! 

Well done you'll punks and pumpkins. Compliments of the season! Be safe and enjoy. See you'll ko Mbombela, the thick base Wonder's home ground. Heheheheheheh

Heheheee the thick base

hehehehehehehe, I am counting on Wonder to outdo Gaga and his crew.

Never mfana, no one can out do us!!! 

Mrs single handendly ensure that things are in order in PE. So Stonza boy you supposed to say no one can out do Mrs Gaga heehe


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