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We want to see the one that tells us the story of the ice skating!!! 

#Ice skaters must fall!!



hahahahaha we are still uploading, let's see if we can get to that one by and of business

where is the mdantsaneDiva in this Pic heehhehheheheehe

nxa wena, Rubza was offline the whole weekend because of you.... Hope you are coming next year baba

hehehehheheeheheheehehe deathby offline kanti why didnt you switch him on wena the MDDIVA heheheh

hahaha, eish we tried baba lol 

Hahaha Stonza boy what are you on about? You guys were happy to finally meet me in person neh..even toothless hyenas were like yubja yubja mxm

That Venda boytjie can drink tjeeer

hahaha and he eats lol lol 



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