Yes, the date is out. Eastern Cape is the Province. Port Elizabeth is the Host City. [27/11/2015 to 29/11/2015] is the weekend. Mr Stonza is the Local Organizing Committee Chairman. Reserve your place by 30 September 2015 to avoid disappointments. Remember to use you name as reference. Attached is the invite, more details at

Last year (2014) we witnessed in Bloemfontein, Niniiza walking away with Soccer Gags Best Female Contributor of the Year, Stonza walking away with Soccer Gags Best Male Contributor of the Year, Selle grabbing Best Female Writer Award, Edge making it out with Best Male Writer of the year, Fred walking away with the MVP at the Year End Function. Who will take Port Elizabeth by storm? Who will conquer Eastern Cape? Will it be the Usual Suspects? Will it be you?

The time is ticking, you still have a chance to walk-away with one or more of the awards to be presented on the weekend 27/11/2015 to 29/11/2015, it’s never too late...Post your soccer related topics at

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Eish I need to make sure that i play dice hard at the taxi rank now. R2000 grand I have to pay, yeeer that is heavy

I'm paying on Friday

Have you guys discussed different transport options on that facebook thing of yours yet? I know Mpho and Rubza will be broom-flying all the way from Limpopo but what about the rest of us? 

Maestro and Sweyts claim they will be driving down to PE. I am planning to fly in but if there are people willing to drive a minibus I can join. The thing is that we need PDP drivers' licence to drive a minibus.

heheh that driver from the mines called Ole should have a PDP, how does he transport the rock drillers with no PDP? 

Am sure Kali will be riding his horse all the way!

My airline is under repair Thabz, if there are people driving i will definitely join them

Hehehehe Gagga you are missing your man Thabanga!!!

I just paid; Leonard please confirm if you received it

I can confirm that your money was received mam. Thanks you for the payment

I just found out that H1 or Toyota 10 seater minibus will cost around R3500 per day on unlimited millage. Mind you this excludes petrol and tollgate fees. We need at least 4 days rental which will cost us R14000, plus about R6000 on petrol and tollgates. Each member will have to contribute R2000 on road transport. If you book a flight by 31 October, you will pay +-R1700 return trip. If you book a flight by 30 September, you will pay +-R1300. So it is our call, how many of you still want to travel on road?

Links to better flights:

heheh isn't there a member who has a taxi, that can help? lol lol


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