What size are you wearing? The Golf Shirt and a cap will be delivered at your door step all we need is the size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XX... Post your size here:

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two small and medium for Judy and me...

When I am in a good mood large will do but when in a mean mood xl will do. I will kindly accept both and thank you in advance.



Medium x1 large for my boyfriend

I have already ordered don't worry about me hahahaha

hahahaha......you will be killed wena.....one for me and one for Yeye Brokie..please

medium, hehehehhe is this a 419 scam 

can i order for a fellow blogger?




so 1 large for my future boyfriend,another large for Mulalo,then medium for me

who is Mulalo?

my brother from venda


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