Once again, the indomitable spirit of the marauding buccaneers has prevailed against all odds. The self-annointed prophets of doom and so-called football experts either gazed at the crystal ball with jaundiced eyes or they whipped out the wrong script altogether when they urged our boys to do all they can to avoid the mighty Al Ahly in the SF as that would, in their myopic view, spell the end of the voyage. Of course, they had forgotten that no self-respecting pirate prefers the still waters of yhe min shipping lanes

So, when injuries and suspensions seemed to add fuel to what they deemed a burning ship that was fast sinking after being hit by that Zanalek torpedo on the broadside, they barely stifled a collective chuckle and just stopped short of telling our braves to jump ship

We told them this is football, it is not arithmetic, neither can it be explained by a dictionary or an encyclopedia. Indeed a simple tap on any browser would have revealed that the Egyptian giants CAN be beaten, both of them!

Now, may you please shed your Thomasque disbelief and transparent duplicity disguised as factual knowledge as you urge all and sundry to rally behind the real ambassadors and exponents of mzansi football diski nine nine!

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Firstly let me take-off my hat and congratulate you on another well writing piece of mind. Orlando Pirates have once again proved they are the powerhouse of Southern African club football. Many may try to argue this but the truth is a clear as the blue sky. Our wish is to see Pirates bringing the trophy home. I am one of those who will be in Orlando stadium on 20 November 2015. 

well done Pirates, I wish you guys all the best... 


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