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In a rather controversial move, Qalinge is reported to have posted below picture on his facebook page.


What do you guys think?


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I think the media has ran out of things to write,how long has been photo circulating on media,Pirates would be dumb to entertain this issue,we have better things to worry about like giving Sundowns 3 points this evening.

What is there to worry of, about giving 3 points to Sundowns this evening? Isn't this a simple case of just saying "tsaya keaofa"? Hehehehehhehehe


But listen man, this is not about how long the picture has been shared or circulating across the world. We also know that the intention of the picture is not to cause any direct or indirect harm or embarrassment to those depicted on the picture. But is it appropriate for someone like Qalinge to post this picture on his facebook account? It might be funny for Qalinge but do you think everyone associated, financially, emotionally and/or otherwise, with Pirates would find this appropriate, especially when it is made fun of by their own?


Thabo Qalinge does not have a FB account hence i said that the media is bored,they have to prove beyong any reasonable doubt that he has an account with FB before running naked here,what happened to investigative journalism.

Shaaaap antozkin Shappa hehehehe we care about the job in hand which is to give us the 3 points heheheh

back to the topic, well TT, if he had really posted it, i think it is inappropriate, but we are not sure and we can't really comment on if's and maybe's.


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