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Pinaar's career in Everton will come to an end sooner or later and i hope he is not going to be like Benny who was playing hard to get when Bafana Bafana needed while he was still overseas and became available when he came back to the Psl. It's disturbing to note that african players have to choose between their teams and their nation when it comes to the AFCON. The question is why can't this tournoment(AFCON) be structured in a way that its played the same time that the overseas one are played so that players do not have to face such difficult dicisions?

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There are 2 crucial points you are making. One I would like to touch on is that of Pienaar's resignation linked to the AFCON 2013 and to be quiet frank I am of the same opinion. Some of the African players do not realize the importance of this tournament and from my observation it has been players with insecurities that are alway problamatic. Players who are not sure or feel their places at clubs will be compromised by AFCON (when they return to their clubs someone might have taken their place). I mean look at greatest African player like Samuel Eto'o and Didier Drogba. These guys never missed AFCON call-ups and when they return to their clubs they still retained their positions. This goes to question how good Pienaar really is... To my eyes Pienaar never gave us that great perfomance in Bafana and I am happy to see him go and wish he never comes back begging on our national team door. Our national team jersey deserves to be worn by soldiers that are prepared to die for the nation and not by some people with  insecurities...

Leo, Pienaar has the place in his club, if he has any fears, it will be injuries, nothing else.

he gave it all for us, but trust me, even if you can take Messi and play him here, you would be saying the same thing bro'. I was thinking, maybe GI saw something in the Nunes guy, that can complement Schillo on that wing.

that is my take!!!

i wish him all the best!!!

hahahaha 'even if you can take Messi and play him here, you would be saying the same thing bro' hahahaha Messi of Argentina is weaker than Messi of Barcelona so I get your point. The insecurities I was refering to, began while he was at Tottenham remember he started faking injuries while he was with The Lilywhites. Pienaar lost his place there while honouring a national call and I believe such fears followed him back to The Toffees and having said that, I still believe Pienaar gave us a row deal in Bafana. The dude is better off retired... to me it is  the best decision he ever took.

GI must never try to talk him out of it. Yes, he might be the best at The Toffees but in BB he is more of a burden. Imagine if you were a BB coach, you see Pienaar doing wonders in EPL, you call him he gives you a performance far less than what an ordinary PSL dude can give you and you can't omit him based on his EPL performance. The dude was a burden but we are grateful for his contribution may he retire in peace...

injuries can not be avoided even when he is playing for his club, as for Nunes i hope he is not coming to RSA becoz he culd not get a callup on Portugal, i mean he already played for the junior squad of that country and now he believes his duties are with the country of his birth...

I beleave all these african players are preasured by their teams to make a choice when it comes to the AFCON but like you said only those who are confidend enough do make the wright choice. He was forever on and off anyway so i guess he wont be missed..


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