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Mosima United will embark on a four months tour before participating in December top 8, 16 & 32 tournaments. so as part of their preparations the boys propose to take on Soccergaggs boys in either Pta or Jozi around August 2014 or the date and month you boys prefere.

I hope the above is in order and waiting for your prompt reply


The Bullet Senior

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i hope you will take them to climb mountain this time Viera is on steriod and i hope Thabang stay injury free so that we can teach you a lesson on how to play football 101

I'm game. Who is in gags team?

am in Mokete 

Bring it on ntwana. We can't wait to avenge our last year's 2-1 defeat to Mosima. August 2014 is a date

i hope they are not going to curse Thabang with the limpopo witchdoctor kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hehe Thabang won't be effective...I wil be promoting 2 gud youngsters during the game. no muti from us...mutiman is your Ghanaian friend Mpho
sure, u will get the whipping once more so long the Bullet is in the team

Is this Mosima a real team or just a bunch of palookas like those of TKO?

it has Ruby in the team, so is it that hard to figure out that this is less than palookas?

Is Rubza playing?

are you two cows gonna make the gaggers squad...I talk less and play more. come august le tla inyela boys
I am leading the forward of the team Mokete..regularly so.


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