Chiefs  1  -  0 P Stars

Pirates  2 – 1 Sundowns

Maritzburg  1 – 1 AmaZulu

What are your predictions?

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My prediction is that your predictions are nothing but a wish-list, hehehehehehehehe...good day Selle.

Chiefs  2  -  0 P Stars

Pirates  1 – 1 Sundowns

Maritzburg  3 – 0 AmaZulu

Chiefs 0 Stars 2
Pirates 0 Sumdowns 0
Maritzburg 1 Amazulu 0

Current Pirates under defensive Tinkler will not beat Sundowns....

Eish i cant make predictions but Chiefs will win as usual.

Chiefs 3 - Stars 0 and the rest i don"t care...It's a Phefeni Soccer League afterall

Chief - P Stars: Chiefs win
Pirates - Sundowns: draw
Maritzburg- Amazulu: Maritzburg win

You predictions will be total opposite

Chief - P Stars: draw
Pirates - Sundowns: Sundowns win
Maritzburg- Amazulu: Amazulu win

So Stars upset Chiefs by taking points of theM?

Chiefs 2- 2 P. Stars

I will predict the remaining 2 matches tomorrow

But those boys played very well especially in the first half of the game, they pressurized Chiefs from the midfield to the back four till they make mistakes

These Dikwena always up their games when they play us, damn! Now we lost 2 valuable points but a point is better than nothing....infact we were lucky to come out there alive!


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