Morning Gents, Ladies and those who are in between led by the one and only.... Leonard Vivian V-Mas Masango... (if you are confused then check his initials on the banking details)

It is the Final Countdown to the big weekend that everyone has been waiting for. Shame on you if you didn't book your place. 

Please make sure you plan your trip properly, email your flight times to, in case you need a lift from the airport to the lodge. Those who are driving, make sure you car is road worthy, serviced and have secondary driver with you. Most of all enjoy the road trip, it is a beautiful scenery driving along the coast.

The friendly City of Port Elizabeth can't wait to host you and hopes you will enjoy every minute of it. Ohh ja, those from Lipompo, please bring the sun and chase away the rain for the weekend.

Safe Travels....Your Captain signing out...

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hehehehehe dankie SomGaga

You are welcome V-Mas...

Soccergags is a Bow-wow, yeah

Soccergags is a Bow-wow.. yeah


Hahaha lol..Those who are in between.......!

Thanks Gaga and we are eagerly awaiting to witness scenery driving along the coast...

We are ready poy, i am in Gauteng already getting closer surely but surely.

Hehheehe u can't wait Rubza...Great stuff

Nice one my bra.. nice one... travel safe nhee...

1 lala 1 vuka people!!! 

shhhhh u beat me to it.... ! i dont like you!!!!!


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