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Morning Gags,


You are herein formally invited to send you applications for the position of Bafana Bafana coach. In your applications, you are required to tell us WHAT you think the problem is with our National Team and HOW you going to help us, SAFA, resolve it. You are also required to tell us about your PLAN to take Bafana Bafana to a promised land.


Right, let's go Boys, gays and honeys. We might just as well find the suitable candidates here. Post all your applications below in free text [no attachments allowed]:

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I am here kodini....

Hahaha Sir Titti, the word "kotini" means a thread for sewing. And that's a bad thing to call someone with... or is he that skinny?

he is trying to say kwedini...

Hahahaha, ja kwedini, hahahaha

Hahaha ok Kotini

Hahahahahahahahahaha. I am done. I will never try this Xhosa thing again hahahaha #embarrassed

You are here and what is your input?

We have invited you to tell us what you can do for BB. We want to see if you know your football as much as the noise you make. hehehehehe

heheh I told you my step baba hehehehe check on the previous page. I know my soccer mfana wam #kodini tltltltltl

The problem with Bafana Bafana is Shabba. The Mexicans cast a bad spell on Shabba after scoring that goal. The sooner he leaves Bafana the better

And Khune, that dance in Mbombela, enough said. hehehehe

hahaha the sooner we get rid of Shabba the better. He is the one who introduced such dances in the national team


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