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Morning Gags,


You are herein formally invited to send you applications for the position of Bafana Bafana coach. In your applications, you are required to tell us WHAT you think the problem is with our National Team and HOW you going to help us, SAFA, resolve it. You are also required to tell us about your PLAN to take Bafana Bafana to a promised land.


Right, let's go Boys, gays and honeys. We might just as well find the suitable candidates here. Post all your applications below in free text [no attachments allowed]:

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hehehe so the text is free? nothing is free bro, so what is the catch for this free text of yours?

If SAFA were to consider you for the BB job, what would your presentation entail?

I would tell SAFA I want to be the technical director of all the junior teams then fulltime coach of the senior. If the senior team is not playing I am always with the juniors, especially at training and be part of selection. The Junior team full time coaches will be part of the senior teams' technical staff. Also they shouldn't mind when i tell them where to get off once they try to interfere with my job.

That is the first step...

Not a bad I idea. I think most associations world over do that. There's a living linkage and relationship between all national team coaches in different levels.


Next step?

My selection will be know to al that it is based on two things. The first is form of the players, then the most important thing is if the player will fit in my system. Remember how a lot of players play great on one team and fail to perfom in the next team. Torrealba was great at Sundowns, beacuse he had players who complemented him the style and system suited him but not a Chiefs. So people would need to understand it and i will not compromise on that.

Then my presentation would entail how the team will play. I strongly believe that our style of play is that of letting players express themselves. Shibobo and tsamayaz work if you know how to implement them. Every team doesn't want to be embarassed, if they are their moral in the field goes down and takes the players out of the game. So I will impliment that strategy whenever possible and will have players to do that. Let the likes of Teko do his thing and once he sees a run, he can lay the pass even if he is looking the other way.

Age will not have anything to do with it as long as you have the legs to carry you.

I want to apply for SAFA's presidency mina

It is not an AA post for people with disabilities. So, that hairlessness isn't going to help you. heheheeh

Hahaha your freaks' obsession with my hair still continues even on this site? I think I should run a competition here and let the winner kiss my head, what do you think?

who wants to kiss this wena light skinned hairless freak?

I'm not light skinned mfana, once again ubambe iwrong turn

hahaha ja Like Someone pointed out you are pink tltltlt

On what i was saying TT, Zongo knows how to use hisskill for the benefit of the team. You just need to guide him, not lambast player who have silky skills. Look at how he uses his skills and scores a nice goal.

Secondly, susnyela sani, start a post the desert it nxaaa


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