Birthdays Today

Administrator: Kaiser Soze (What he is goes dictatorship is allowed)

Captain: Ntokz( He retains his captaincy because he promised The Guru some honnies from our neighbouring country)

Additional Member: PJ ( She promised to  recruit more ladies)


Lets see if this interim leadership cannot take this side to greater heights!!! The likes of Mpho and Stonza back off let the real pros show you how it is done!!!

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FYI Ole and friends...

This is to notify you ladies and gentlemen of my resignation as the Gags' Captain as of the 15th of December *2012*  I will no longer server in that capacity.

So this removing me from leadership is just farting in the water.

tell them Stonza

hehehehe my name is like sex, it sells tltltltltltlttl...

every Tim, Ole and Herry have to use it to push their agendas...hehehehe name dropping like the guptas.

Stonza ukhalelani yihlo.

hehehehehehehehe pink tendencies ai!!!!

Hehehehehe that was El Shorto's chance to become a captain  

hahahahahaha he missed out because they don't do short benders...tltltlt

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Stonza this people like to lead and realy they dont even have madi a bokgoshi ke ra le amanyane. let see what are they bringing in the table, but it will be a bore if they bring the mentality of TKO in the Gags

Mpho you guys are failing this side since we took over this site is alive!!!

explain yourself Sir when saying we are failing this site, remember what was said at Rustenburg and did you do wht you were saying?

heheeh ask them again Mpho, when Ole is bored ko TKO he comes her and impose leaders to us, post stuff, then he leaves us here.

Ole's history:

  • He came with Biggie to be the captain' stayed 2-3 days, and he left us here as regulars.
  • Came back to impose changes again, Ntokzin was the new captain, hehehe 2-3 days and left
  • Now he is back with Soze, hehehehehe when the soccer season resumes he will go again, mark my words..

Where is Biggie and what has he done? Where is Wonder and what has he done? Where is Ntozkin and what has he done? hehehehe this is not new to us!!

hehehehehehehe i didn't know that i was that powerful!!!!


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