Administrator: Kaiser Soze (What he is goes dictatorship is allowed)

Captain: Ntokz( He retains his captaincy because he promised The Guru some honnies from our neighbouring country)

Additional Member: PJ ( She promised to  recruit more ladies)


Lets see if this interim leadership cannot take this side to greater heights!!! The likes of Mpho and Stonza back off let the real pros show you how it is done!!!

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your call it powerful, we call it kiddish... heheheheheh

Guys our next get together should be for Gags not Kickoff.

Tell this Brokefan freak that I'm still waiting for my gags t-shirt, it's been way over 6 months now. I don't like the treatment I'm getting from this site

Mokete where do you suggest Brokefan must meet with you,you dont go to stadiums,you dont attend get togethers and lastly u werent even in the Charity that was organise but u come here and whine about your t shirt while u sitting with your behind doing nothing to meet the man in question half way,most guys do have t shirts here.......mxm you just like those who always blame the government....

Because I choose to attend NFD & Second division games instead of PSL I must be discriminated? Cool, that's fine

Have you organised with Brokefan to meet so u can get your T's or u just complaining nje.

ngivumelana nawe!!!!!!

The leadership must start running with the arrangements of the get-together now then


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