Administrator: Kaiser Soze (What he is goes dictatorship is allowed)

Captain: Ntokz( He retains his captaincy because he promised The Guru some honnies from our neighbouring country)

Additional Member: PJ ( She promised to  recruit more ladies)


Lets see if this interim leadership cannot take this side to greater heights!!! The likes of Mpho and Stonza back off let the real pros show you how it is done!!!

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Agreed...100% supported!

I think we have to introduce "The Chair" from tomorrow, who is the first the first volunteer??

me...i will paste the link for my tko chair day for you to read

No, we don't want TKO's link PJ!!

my point is we have all done the chair...can we have something new...and we can discuss the walk for charity that is happening this weekend....

ok its fine by me!!!!What about the new guys??

theres no such thing as new guys here Ole...can we start giving our time to orhanages maybe saturday or sunday in 3 months we identify and visit a home,with whatever little we may have.clean for them and play with those's this for innovation??

Ninii...! you wanna play with the kids? wena?...Jesus Christ, we are all going to jail!!!

hai bo...its not only about that this past weekend we had an awesome charity event where Yfm,soweto tv,jozi fm as well alex fm came through to was a great day....i gave all yfm dj's soccer gags t-shirts...that's how you make yourself known....this is a brand...and if we can use the resources available to make it grow then why not....

Innovation please...innovation.....please!!

tell them PJ, they shold stop with these tendencies of recycling things...and Ole don't bring your tendencies of replying to you own 1999 posts like you do in TKO...

hehehehehehhehe you can make all the noise you want but your time is up boy!!!!! This coup was for the better this side was dying me and my mates are only ones who can rescue this ship!!! My legacy will always be the at TKO whether you like it or not!!


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