Birthdays Today

Hope you have many more year boy, ulisike lekhekhe engikuhilele lona over the weekend,  kwakwa..kwikwi


Happy Birthday boy

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Happy Birthday Khosi; nivhe na duvha la mathakheni....

thank you Selle, i couldnt answer yesterday as i was enjoy the cake hehehehe

Heheheheheh, Happy birthday "mining" magnate! Jeerrr mara this dudu loves his illegal mining activities yong! Did you hear him at Mogro? While we were talking football, all he could talk about was shafts, rocks, conveyer belts, geology, etc.

this dude is something else, i had to smell the gold from the shafts,  kwakwakwakwakwakwa...kwikwikwikwi

hehehehe uyagula wena...


Thanks Thabang the Malhawk freak

happy birthday Strollo...

thank you love

Happy Birthday, KC. maar eintlik tell me (from one Sagi to another) when is your exact birthday because your other profile put it like 24 hours ago?

sorry about that Mhlekazi...this is my original and only profile now....thanks for the wishes

Happy Birthday , may you have many more years to come. enjoy your day :)

thanks Zoey

happy birthday mr chairman may God bless you and enjoy your day Mr Shuffle the pack


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