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hahahaha we will never hear the end of it yhoo let go on exile.

hahahaha this will drag on for ages

Haahaa lekgathi the ugly are killing me...Congrats to the khosi family

Amakhosi a Jabulile, Ja wena Brokey hehehehehe

so where is the umbrella that lucky is crying for Brokefan

People; who is going to Mbombela on Saturday?

I am skipping Mbombela, I am thinking of doing Durban

This unfaithful Gloria is shameless and ungrateful!
Perhaps she cant stand polygamy (trebles) or
Being outshined by that darned star

hahahahahahaha... *dood

Today it's a practise session for the Nedbank Cup final... the question is: Are Tuks ready for this practise session?

so were they ready? hehehehehe

They are Happy that some players are not going to play, So they think that 3 points is in the bag


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