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Facts: Do you know why Kaizer Chiefs is bigger than Orlando Pirates?

Why Kaizer Chiefs is bigger than Orlando Pirates

Professionalism – Orlando Pirates is way below to be compared to Kaizer Chiefs. They don’t own training grounds nor offices, they rent both. Kaizer Chiefs has a world class football village (Naturena).

Club Value – Kaizer Chiefs is ranked the most valuable club in South Africa followed by Vodacom Blue Bulls and the rest.

Players’ Salaries – Highest paid player at Kaizer Chiefs earns R470,000; highest paid player at Orlando Pirates earns R225,000. No need to argue.

Club Honours – Kaizer Chiefs’ official club trophies double the number of trophies Orlando Pirates have. The only trophy which Kaizer Chiefs doesn’t have is the CAF Champions League. But Orlando Pirates is 70 something years and Kaizer Chiefs is 45.

Fans – Kaizer Chiefs make every game a home game in South Africa regardless of where they play at. It is the most followed team in Southern Africa with millions of fans.

Sponsors – Kaizer Chiefs sponsors are: Nike, Hollard, Vodacom, Carling Black Label, Nissan, SuperSport and Powerade (big companies); while Orlando Pirates sponsors are: adidas, Vodacom, Peugeot and Carling Black Label.

Playing Grounds – both teams rent stadiums.

Do we need to still have an argument here? It’s clear that Kaizer Chiefs is bigger than Orlando Pirates. End of story finish!

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hahahahahaha wait till Dr Fafalaza comes in

Hayi ke thina asizngeni cause we only started playing professional football in 1985!! 

Bigger? Really now?

Oh, please, go and fall off some edge somewhere wena, don't come here with your misguided facts which we will unpack thus for you:

What is that? How does one objectively measure it and compare its existence in one sporting entity as compared to the next? Just browse and check which club is the common denominator in most disputed transfers in the country. Besides, is it professional to do a sod-turning ceremony (on land you don't own nogal) and then wash off the picks and shovels only to remain silent for decades?

I certainly hope you are not comparing Lekgwati's pension package v the value of Nyawana's right foot! Compare apples with apples, not raisins - check the market value of shares in the Ellis Park precinct compared to that village on the outskirts

Now you are speculating, chief. We all know players' incomes are closely guarded secrets in local football. Besides, we all know who pays top dollar here in Mzansi, does that make them the biggest?

Quantity v quality. That is murky ground of brown envelopes and swallowed whistles, but while you are at it, just answer this: Is Liverpool bigger than, say, Chelsea or Man City right now?

I see you believe all the hype. Do you perhaps have the audited figures of Southern African sporting fans?

Now you are being disingenuous mouthing off a few names for one whilst omitting a few for the other. Perhaps it would help to look at what they bring in, because one bigg sponsor might actually render the rest unnecessary

I suggest you smoke that sod from Mogale City, hahaha

heheheheeh taken to cleaners.. so lets take this to PE shall we?

Hehehehehe I am dead by Falaza....


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