Madrid fans booed CR7 during a 5-0 win recently, did Brokey have anything to do with this? This is the same guy who orchestrated the booing of Kingston Nkatha and now President Zuma. come clean Brokefag!!



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hahahaha...I doubt the Broke Fan was behind this. The man worships Ronaldo

CR7 is too damn good the fans just don't know what to do when he touches the ball, I heard one fan saying let us destruct him so he can score a hatric against Barca in next week's Copa. You know he plays even better when he wants to prove a point

everybody knows he a show man not a soccer player, so they booed him for his grrrrr over the ball when hings gets serious.

Chiefs fans were there trust me...

cr7 should have been a runner coz it seems he is always playing second fiddle to messi when it comes to soccer. Oh come to think of it he would still be running behind husein.

hahahahaha... if Ronaldo should be a runner, then Messi should jockey other than his height and weight he like riding on others with his dives

Wonder won't like this for sure hehehehe

This Brokefan must be charged, first he booed Nkhatha, the Zuma and now CR7, this man strives on booing. I heard the Americans gave him a beating of a life time when he tried his stunts on that idiot called Sarah Palin... hehehehheeh

hahahaha Wonder if there's one person who deserves to be booed it has to be that coach of yours who takes all the credit when you team wins and blame players when the team loses...

And now he equals Messi's record of most goals score in the UEFA CL and he still have a chance to break it.

*Wonder satrs crying and diving into a barrel of KFC*


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