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theres no such thing as new guys here Ole...can we start giving our time to orhanages maybe saturday or sunday in 3 months we identify and visit a home,with whatever little we may have.clean for them and play with those's this for innovation??

Ninii...! you wanna play with the kids? wena?...Jesus Christ, we are all going to jail!!!


hai bo...its not only about that this past weekend we had an awesome charity event where Yfm,soweto tv,jozi fm as well alex fm came through to was a great day....i gave all yfm dj's soccer gags t-shirts...that's how you make yourself known....this is a brand...and if we can use the resources available to make it grow then why not....

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i need soccer gags t-shirts that i will give to people that will be taking part in this weekends walk happening is soweto....


The core aim of the “Winter Charity Walk 2013” initiative is to assist children with warm winter clothing, as most of these kids have almost nothing to keep them warm during these trying times and to provide children of SKY and the community with access to mentors and industry champions, so as to have conversations about those unwritten rules in leadership and governance, and create a platform for effective networking with other 1808 members and our partners. Our focus is to strengthen community involvement that build social cohesion, prevent social pathologies and promote Ubuntu amongst our peers and young ones (the art of giving and caring) and equality.  

We have sent out a community letter in our area (Pimville), as we have done before and the community usually responds well, regarding this initiative.


Venue:   Walter Sisulu Square (Kliptown) to SKY (Soweto Kliptown Youth)

Time:     10:00 am – 15:00 pm

There will be guest speaker Dr. Dave Burrow who will be joining us and addressing the youth.


What is the date of the event Ninii?  15? 16? 17?


PJ good innitiative but how are we going to grow this brand when this site is not active?? We need to recruit at least 20 new members per month so that this site can be able to sustain itself when some members are not online!!! I'm not shooting down your initiative but wena you can consentrate on the outdoodrs some of us must keep this site active.

Guru a while ago, i asked brokey to get people able to comment to the topics on this site via facebook and people who are her to view those comments vv, and he said he will do it. People are always on facebook so if they have a single point of entry that would be great so they can do all in one place...

post something here and you see it in the fb group and what ever is posted there should be imported to here!!

Good point Gaga!!

Very good innitiative PJ, pity this weekend I won't be able to make it. Otherwise I was gonna be there and play with them kids.


I thought there was a request not to bring the KO and TKO linen here but this one kills me

How do you have a picture of someone on your site with an apparel of the competing site....Nini on KO holding a Soccergags t-shirt....hahahahahaha!! I just want to see how long will that picture last on the site



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