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Bucs reach dizzy continental heights others can only dream of (again)...

Hail the Buccaneers' marauding ship as they have overcome the setback at Mbombela to reach the semifinal of yet another continental tournament

Our boys need all the support they can get as somehow the road ahead looks even tougher than the Champions League this year, but already they have proven their pedigree and ensured no account of African football shall be complete without the mention of the 78 year old giant of Southern African football

Already having paved way for the inclusion of more SA teams in continental club competitions, the Bucs have again led by example and shown their 'younger' brothers that, with the right attitude and skillful application of available resources, it is possible to prevail in the quagmire that is African continental football

Ship Ahoy, Admiral Tinkler, Commander Tebza and Captain Manyisa

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Congratulations are in order, Ghost Ship. We wish you all the best of luck in the semifinal. If you win this one I will travel with you to the final in both legs...*crossing fingures

hahaha crossing fingers so that you won't have to be revealed as a liar. We all know you will not travel with them. Even so that we have tightened the loopholes that allowed you to use Gags' promotion funds for personal travelling. 

hahahahaha I don't have money so I hope they don't progress...

Before I congratulate the Bucs, please remove Tebza there. I find him very useless and incapable, I say this based on what I have seen when he is left alone in the bench. All those games, Pirates lost, Tinkler got back and Pirates got back to the winning ways. So I can safely say he is utterly useless this guy nxaaa

Hay maan, wena gaga! Leave our flair exponent alone, besides he is literally family, having grown up at the club - he didn't campaign for that bench seat

hahaha it is family business hahah at least he hasn't made noise or complained about anything.. but still he is useless.. He is more like a mascot 

You haven't won anything yet. So for now and until then, just get your bum acquainted with a chair sir, heheheheheh

So says a goat on the ground when it sees a bird taking off, hahaha!

No less than 4 semifinal appearances in continental cup competitions shall remain a pipe dream for most Southern African clubs for a while yet.

Thabang, be civil, just sit down and salute your revered torch-bearers please!

Pirates have to ensure it wins this week's encounter or at least get a 0-0 draw. It's better not to concede at home in such finals.

yes, it is best not to concede.. but they should not go into the game with that mind.. heheheh GAbuGabu is going to cause problems...

Yours truly has got no business going on between Pirates' legs. Congrats are in order for PE2015 LOC hehehehehehe....

Hehehee #Pirates must fall


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