I watched with disbelief that the lineman and ref Gomez disallowed a legitimate goal by Liyolo Nomandela of Free State Stars. That's the worst decision i have witnessed so far in the PSL, a robbery of the highest order!!!! There's no doubt that when that defense-splitting pass was launched, the player in question was onside but Victor Gomez and his counterpart decided otherwise...brown envelopes ruin the beautiful game!!!

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Hahahahaha...Rubza...only realized now that Brown envelopes do exist,other team has been benefiting from Brown envelopes for the past 4 decades and still benefiting,what you saw yesterday is nothing....

Hahha i have realized it longtime ago but some you can give a benefit of a doubt....but with yesterday refs call to disallow Stars a legitimate goal? i was immensely puzzled with that!!

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Malindis one day a referee will be beaten to a pulp, SAFA and PSL are busy fighting for positions were's the football is suffering from this barbaric referee day in day out.

This is really becoming a norm in SA; something really needs to be done. Our referee’s performances are just shocking; and no one seems to be doing anything about it...

I keep asking myself which referee(s) did Gomez beat to get the job in PSL. I mean the dude is clearly not a PSL material. Is not about last night game but in most games he officiate there are always dubious calls. While on Gomez' case does any one know the panels that evaluate our referees?

Eix this dude is bad...the last time i check we had Referees Review Committee but it's useless because i never heard the structure change dubious decisions taken by refs

Truly speaking Gomez last nite got it wrong - why -1.all goal scored were not deserving,I mean FFS scored from an unworthy corner that was a goal kick,Orlandraw Pirates scored from a dubious penalty....SA officiating is very poor I must say
Hahahaha Malindis I like it for the new name... Orlandraw Pirates...
Hahahahaha....I am sure if I can make my research,I am gonna find that you are the one who came up with this name....hahaha

hehe eyou mean it was worse that Celtic winning Telkom without scoring a goal?

Hahaha Celtic won without scoring a goal, what do you mean Corrupt sani?


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