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I refuse to believe that a country as blessed as ours could be served a double whammy of leaking defenders who are somehow made captains of the national team. Since Neil Tovey and Lucas Radebe left us, the only central defender who came close to emulating their feats on the pitch whilst wearing an armband is arguably still to be found.

My unedited statistics indicate that in the four games he played, Khumalo made 39 unforced errors....including not pressing the player who crossed for the equaliser.

Is this the right player to lead our defence? Can he command the players and direct play from the back? Can he assist the fullbacks with interpretation of tactics and management of space? Is he the right man to partner Sangweni? Is there a better player, who besides being tacticaly astute, can come into that hole at the back and tighten our defence?

Am I just making a fuss about nothing?

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What's the use of having a taller Khumalo in the squad if he is not going to compete in the air against deadly high-crosses? If there's no use, then are we wrong to say he is useless? Of 3 goals we conceded, three were from crosses that found free-headers. And guess where the free-headers were? in the centre, who is our centre-back?

That is what I saw too Wonder, it is not the first time that Yeye fails to drop quickly, I remember in that game Anele was balmed because the player came behind him while he was trying to close the gap that Yeye was supposed to drop into!

Of 3 goals we conceded, three were from crosses that found free-headers. And guess where the free-headers were? in the centre, who is our centre-back? 

hahahaha so Sangweni is not tall and shouldn't compete for those balls? So Khumalo should always go for every ball that is on air, whether the other player seems to have it covered or not? Khune shouldn't collect the high balls because Khumalo is supposed to deal with them? you see that positive point you said earlier, the compliment is now gone...tltltltltlt

Hehehehehheehheheh Corrupt freak, you can never beat Chiefs freaks when it comes to defending their players, with Brokefan don't even try. now he expects Khumalo to be in 2 places at the same time.


Goals conceaded

1st goal against Morroco, Khune should've dealt with that cross

2nd Goal against, Masilela was the culprit

3rd Goal agaist Mali, Yeye and Masilela should have dealt with it and Gaxa was guilty of running away from his position.


That's how we got knocked out of Afcon.

On a serious note, I think Mphela should be left to smoke his beloved weed at home. We can't continue forcing him to play. I think Gordon should stop trying to accommodate all teams in the PSL, if a there's no one to pick at Sundowns so be it. Why should we suffer for the sake of accommodating a team rich in average players?

Hehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheh, ja neh!!

the pairing of Khumalo and Sangweni is not working is time Gordon leave Khumalo so that he can concentrate on his career overseas

Is Gaxa and Masilela working freak of nature?

Wonder am not talking about Gaxa or masilela sometimes you need to use your brain to think not your stomach, mxim

hahahahaha not use what? hahahaha


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