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I refuse to believe that a country as blessed as ours could be served a double whammy of leaking defenders who are somehow made captains of the national team. Since Neil Tovey and Lucas Radebe left us, the only central defender who came close to emulating their feats on the pitch whilst wearing an armband is arguably still to be found.

My unedited statistics indicate that in the four games he played, Khumalo made 39 unforced errors....including not pressing the player who crossed for the equaliser.

Is this the right player to lead our defence? Can he command the players and direct play from the back? Can he assist the fullbacks with interpretation of tactics and management of space? Is he the right man to partner Sangweni? Is there a better player, who besides being tacticaly astute, can come into that hole at the back and tighten our defence?

Am I just making a fuss about nothing?

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Ja, pity OldJohn Mabizela went off the rails and never fully recovered and Morgan Gould is injury prone.

What is it with Bongani and this thing of entwining his hands behind his back whilst 'pressurising' attackers at the edge of the box?

avoiding to handle the ball

When you want to avoid handling the ball, the best way to do that is to minimise the space between yourself and the opponent....thats my experience from the time I used to kick opponents.

Exactly, the problem is that this posture compromises his balance and limits the range his feet can reach to kick the ball out defensively

I saw a Captain in Furman but that is a discussion for the other day. As for Khumalo, I have a feeling while the game is playing, the dude is busy in his heard preparing a speech he's gonna dish-out in halftime hence his level of concentration is at times too low  

Great idea brokey, best thing you have ever said this year!!

hahahahaha... there are plenty of great stuff I said this year, except on saying Bafana will win AFCON...

That's very the way, isn't Furman a Captain at Oldham?

he is

Another diversion tactic from Chiefs Fans in trying to protect the 2 Chiefs cows who cost us the goal against Mali, this is the same tactic that was used against Mbazo in the World Cup when Khune cost us the first goal by Forlan. Fact is Khumalo did not want to commit in a challenge to allow his fellow defenders to close spaces behind him, had he went for a tackle and got beaten, the guy would've had a clear site on goal, which would be costly.


Masilela and Yeye failed to close the space and allowed Keita to head the ball freely while they were waiting and admiring him. Khumalo has become the proverbial "scape goat" in the team even when its other players making mistakes. against Morocco, Masilela commited the same mistake and people blamed Khumalo. the goal against Mali belongs to Gaxa (running away from his position thus forcing Khumalo to cover for him), Yeye and Masilela for watching and admiring Keita on his way to scoring a goal.


I Pauth!!!!!!

Wonder, my issue is the tactical management of space and application of defensive tacticts at the back by Khumalo. He was expected to lead and help with the organisation at the back but he seemed to be more concerned about man-marking, the duty allocated to Sangweni, than marshalling the defence. In terms of man-marking and picking a runner, Masilela and Yeye (again) did a kak job!


But in the main, I thought the game needed and suited the arrogance and skills of Lerato Chabangu than Serero.


I hear you Maubane, but watch th evideo of the goal again and you will realise that Khumalo was forced to follow the player with the ball because there was no cover at all in that space and when he went there, he realised that he had left space behind, so tried to slow down the guy by not committing early thus to allow players to cover his space. for me he did everything right but was let down by Yeye and Masilela.


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