Hi Guys, I've been away on a sabbatical which i had to cut short owing to the important task that i have to attend to in Durban tomorrow. as we all know teh most succesful team in the PSL is tking on the Sopranos tomorrow at Moses Mabhida and we all know teh Sopranos are going into the match just to honour the fixture, otherwise they are already certain of their silve rmedal which they know is all they can get against the MIGHTY Downs.


So yeah, Downs is back and so is Wonder. hope everything is cool in here.


Shapa Dawana Shapa!!!!!!!!

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Hope you are happy now that ur father Pitso is in charge.....

Ja wena sekobo...

My sweety....

How you doing sekobo saka?

Just waiting for Satty...some fans of a certain magogo's team will be crying...

hehehehehehehe from now on you guys must call me CHAMP!!!

Morning Champ

Morning Vho Makhadzi!!

Dumela Malume Champ... hehehe

Dumela Neo

Thanks to Mogorosi and the linesman for robbing Neeskens of his job, now we have Pitso as our coach and sabbatical is a foreign concept, i'm here to STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wonder you supposed to have seen Jeff iyoo he was so angry and he wanted to kill Ole


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