Hi Guys, I've been away on a sabbatical which i had to cut short owing to the important task that i have to attend to in Durban tomorrow. as we all know teh most succesful team in the PSL is tking on the Sopranos tomorrow at Moses Mabhida and we all know teh Sopranos are going into the match just to honour the fixture, otherwise they are already certain of their silve rmedal which they know is all they can get against the MIGHTY Downs.


So yeah, Downs is back and so is Wonder. hope everything is cool in here.


Shapa Dawana Shapa!!!!!!!!

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hehehehe The Sopranos are just going there to honour the fixture... those are very bold words. I hope your boys come to the field with a different mentality to yours, otherwise I forsee a hail of tears droping on Mabhida's pitch

Those are your evil wishes Masango, this cup is yellow baba!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you confirm if the Cup is still yellow, I only see Neskeens blood everywhere hahahahahaha

hahahahaha is this the part I am supposed to say "I told you so"

No Brokey, this is teh part where you suppose to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder thanks for coming back home, Gags is the future and sorry for what happen on the wknd, am sure you are in the same boat as pirates  #Mogorosi 


Hahaha.. I hope this loss won't make you take your sabbatical again...

Princess he is going to take this Sabbatical again, i just heard they have hired the arrogance Pitso to replace nyesking phuzaface kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hahaha.. Mara Minyist, Wonder loves Pitso nje. He's been rooting for him to take over the reigns from Neeskens

wa thoma ankere ke mang minyist wena, you day is coming the 8dec someone is gona cry a river kwaaaaa

kwaaakwaaa..... River, you'll cry oceans minyist!!


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