The supporters of Orlando are starting to call for Tinkler's head. Why complain while the team is still on the race to win the cup. I don't see the point of avoiding a team for fear of facing stronger opposition. While u can still meet them in the final. True champs beat anything on their way to the glory.

Please OP fans give the man a chance. Unless u want to appoint Baxter before he is taken by BB.

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Very true Steve. I think Pirates fans who are calling for Tinkler's head are being unreasonable. I mean the team is still in the competition and that game was always going to be difficult one most especially after both teams already qualified

what about those who are calling for Pitso's head? 

The use Chiefs as a barometer. If Chiefs wins games and their team lose it is a problem.


Sundowns need Pitso more than Pitso needs Sundowns. Sundowns fans should know by now that the league is a marathon and Pitso is a slow starter but once he has warmed-up, he becomes unstoppable. Patience on the first few games is needed. Pitso is the best coach Sundowns had in the last 8 years.

Tinkler must go. he is running out of ideas and he is even trying defensive approach like playing Saar and Ntshumaelo at the same time while having one striker...Pirates reached the stage they are now because they have been playing with two strikers and not crowded and defensive midfield


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