We are just few days away from the kick-off of Africa's most prestigious sporting event, the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)

South Africa drawn in group C, in the company of Senegal, Algeria and Ghana; South Africa must be having some headaches; do you think they will survive??

Who will be crowned the new kings of African football?

Who do you feel are the favourites?

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hehehe i see a lot of us putting those teams that we wish could win.. I will speak after the first round of games.

Hehehehehe, this year's AFCON is really tough. The only dealing I am sure about is Chiefs winning ABSA Premiership this season, but that's besides the point, heheheheheh.


Group C is definitely the group of death. Any team that is going to make it out of this group alive is capable of reaching the final. As much as Algeria is ranked number one and most probably the favourite to lift this cup, I would like to mention that we have seen favourites choke before. We have seen even defending champions of big tournaments getting kicked out in group stages. This is not a curse to Algeria but a reminder that anything is possible.

South Africa has beaten Ghana before, and as for Senegal they have a tendency of getting frightened by the big stage. South Africa has a bigger chance of survival only if they can maintain their fearless approach which we have seen them displaying in qualification rounds.

thulani doesn't belong to here...

hahahahaha that picture was taken when Serero was still in good terms with Mashaba. Before Mashaba discovered it was Serero who ate the last drumstick which Mashaba was eyeing at a diner table in Cape Town camp during AFCON qualifies

hahaha so that is why he was dropped hahahaha

This is racist wena Brokey, where is Mlungu, Captain my Captain? or Colored ke to represent the nation.

Letsholonyane is coloured, half-Shangaan and half-Tswana. What more do you want? hehehehe

hehehe I remember someone who was swimming in Bains Lodge and had the same colored description hehehehe So Leo is Yeye kahle kahle? hahahahahaha 

I am tempted to call these guys "The invincible" but am scared to jinx them. They really don't play that special and wow. They have moments in the game where they dominate for 5 minutes, play well pass well and score. They seem to win against a "run of play", if that is Mashaba's game play, then he is damn good. These boys surprise teams, you can't easily plan for them, say you will close these channels because they always play like this. 

Good luck to Bafana, I am proud of them, even if they don't win the AFCON but I am proud. 

They have won our hearts already. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They just have to go there and enjoy themselves


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