WORDS FROM Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

“The Soccer Gags Year End Function has over the years grown to become one of the elite soccer related events. As the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2015 event, I learnt a lot from my compatriots over the years. The 2014 event in Bloemfontein, Free State was exceptional and in my opinion it was the best ever. It was the first event where we also had in attendance, the Soccer Gags members from countries outside the borders of South Africa. The Free State Organizing Committee under the leadership of Mr Kali Nena has raised the bar far above expectations. It will be difficult to beat let alone equal the standard set in the year 2014. However, I can promise you one thing, my fellow Eastern Cape Committee members and I are planning a big astonishment. We have the beach on our side, something the Free Staters never had. I am talking about a private beach here. Let me pause right here to avoid spoiling the surprise. What we have in store for attendants is big”, Stonza Gaga.

We have cornered the Vice-Chairperson (Ms Bambo) and the CEO (Mr Ntokozo Ncube) of the LOC, and managed to get sneak photos of the venue where the EC Local Organizing Committee is planning to host us (the accommodation). See the attached photos.

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Stonza forward me your numbers,i lost my phone but I have kept the same digits.

He banna, is that you mampara StonDiva on that picture? Indeed, you look like $umdoms fan I must admit, hahahahahahahaha....I cant wait for PE son.

Its gona be fire boy...cant wait as well.

don't say that cause this twerker will take that literally and not come cause there will be fire...

hahahahaha... it's Mr Gaga himself.

hehehe uyagula wena san, hehehehe The Windy City is waiting for you mfana wam!! 

I want to better Kali and his crew by flying everyone from another province privately and for free.. My pilot tells me that she can only fly at night and 1 by 1. But trust me it is very fast and safe, you can ask Mphora...

hahahahaha is that Ms Gaga?

hahahaha eiy wena watch it, you don't want her to see that lol we will be both dead...

This is a private pilot that we hired through our Limpopo travel agents.

Hahahahaha, thanks but no thanks. I will rather walk.

hahahahaah *dead*

Hehehe flying from Limpopo to PE...LMAO


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