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Greetings from the delightful host Province of Eastern Cape,

We are now 24 days away from the prestigious Soccer Gags Year End Function. I hope you are ready for the exciting line-up that awaits you in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. You can afford to leave your ice skating shoes behind as we will make use of the rental shoes available at the artificial ice-skating surface venue, but one thing you cannot afford to leave behind is your swimwear, sneakers, and volleyball shots. The attire for the awards ceremony is Hawaiian. We decided to make it less formal but yet more fun this year.

Our host venue for the weekend (27-29 Nov 2015) is located just less than 10km from the Port Elizabeth International Airport and it is called the Pine Lodge Resort & Conference Centre (see the map for directions). Those who will be in need of transport from the airport are kindly requested to send their flight-times to or even better, post such information under this topic. Those who will be using other mode of transport like bus or train please do the same by indicating your pick-up point and time.

When you get to Pine Lodge, produce your ID at the reception and you shall be allocated a key to your room. Take a nap, freshen-up and further details shall be communicated to you through a leaflet which you will find in your room.

Google Directions to Pine Lodge:,+Gauteng,+South+Africa...!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x1e950c68f0406a51:0x238ac9d9b1d34041!2m2!1d28.0473051!2d-26.2041028!1m5!1m1!1s0x1e6532b11825c1c3:0xa9472b88085de884!2m2!1d25.68861!2d-34.011261!3e0?hl=en-US

(1) Type in your point of departure

(2) Select mode of transport (on foot, flight or driving)

(3)  Press enter button

(4) Click details

(5) Print direction

We are looking forward to officially welcoming you to The Friendly City

Kind Regards,

Stonza: Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

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My advice for those who are driving down is make the best of it by taking the best routes for the best panoramic view and might as well make it a worthwhile road trip.

From Joburg to Durban and down to PE via the coastal route.

Or lesser distance by about 2 hours...

42 days to go...Can't wait to see everyone again!

You need to organize lot of ice ntwana

hahaha ice for what baba? 

wow look who's back, where have you been...

You are like those people who only show up when there is food and then when there is work you disappear. lol

Hahaha you are mad sani, ice for booze baba

ola ruba-raiser

Ice!? Ice? Okay we can organise ice Ruba-raiser!..@ Mr Gaga hehe look whose talking, the face behind the work lol..oh okay dude,tell me the what does one do when funerals are scarce this side???

hahahahaha so you show up at places with funerals lol lol

Dead by Ruba-raiser

Who will rule the dance floor? Mrs Gaga or Mr Gaga?

hehehe question is who will be on the decks? 

DJ Snyemfu at his best.. hope the bouncers won't man handle him this time around lol 

Ruba-raiser will be painting the dance floor and  PE pink.

Hehehe listen to this hyena


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